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1974 MGB

Last of the Chrome Bumper B's

1974 MGBPresented here is an early 1974 MGB MK3, painted eye grabbing yellow with black interior and black soft top, this MG has benefited from a full restoration, all documented by detailed photos. The 1,798cc four cylinder engine starts and runs very well, putting it's 95 hp to the rear wheels through a 4 speed standard transmission. Having just come out of long term ownership, this MG has seen minimal mileage over the last few years and remains nicely maintained. Well equipped with alloy wheels, convertible soft top, matching tonneau cover and more. Being an early 1974 model, this MGB is among the last of the desirable chrome bumper B models, due to more strict front impact laws forced a mid year change to larger less attractive rubber bumpers. A fantastic car for the enthusiast looking for a small, drop top sports car to get out and enjoy.

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Posted March 8, 2010. © TM

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