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Chrysler's new police car is based on an Intrepid R/T.

2002 Chrysler Intrepid Police Car Road Test
Intrepid R/T dresses up for the law

Chrysler tries to get into the police fleet business in Canada again.

DaimlerChrysler has introduced the Intrepid Police Car Package. The company has been out fo the police car market for the past 12 years. The new 2002 package is available to police departments only and is based on the Intrepid R/T sedan, which uses a 242 hp, 3.5-litre V6.

The police package also includes a high performance suspension; heavy-duty, four-wheel disc, anti-lock brakes, purpose-built lighting, fog lamps and a severe-duty powertrain cooling system.

This 2002 Intrepid also comes with a light bar that has multiple settings -- everything from full flashing to side running amber lights are possible. Likewise, the electronic siren has a choice of three basic sirens, plus optional variations. Also built in are laptop computer connections and high-tech communications capabilities. Highlights
2002 Chrysler Intrepid Police Car
Category: Professional
Seats: 2 policemen in front plus 2-3 offenders in the rear.
Engine: 242 hp, 3.5-litre, V6
Price (Cdn): $28,075
Pros: Good performance and handling. Alternative to Chevy Impala and Ford Crown Victoria. Ride is comfortable.
Cons: Low rear doors make it hard to get into the back seat.
Other built-in attributes include a 240 km/h calibrated, certified speedometer; a severe-duty cooling system for high-temperature, high-speed performance; external engine oil, transmission oil, and power steering coolers for high-temperature, high-speed performance; a four-speed automatic transaxle with overdrive; column shifter; heavy-duty, four-wheel anti-lock brakes; heavy-duty cloth front bucket seats with manual lumbar adjustment; and a vinyl rear bench seat.

Other equipment includes a 160-amp high-output alternator to handle computers, electronics and lights; a 100-amp battery power and ignition feed to the instrument panel to support high-tech equipment; a 100-amp battery feed to the trunk; a trunk ground stud; a dual spotlight prep package; wiring for alternative lamps; a 'Stealth-mode' switch that turns off the instrument panel cluster and radio indicators and dims PRNDL to the lowest legal limit for stealth pursuit; fog lamps, an emergency rear door lock override, and optional switchable daytime running lamps.

A few things removed from the consumer version of the Intrepid R/T include the dome light switch. The rear door locks and handles are deactivated and the rear windows are inoperative from the rear seat.

The police package"doesn't have the severe ride you might expect from a vehicle with a heavy-duty suspension. The ride is firm, but not unlike a sport suspension. None of the good qualities found on a regular showroom Intrepid have been lost. However, that also means that the air dam under the front bumper is low enough to scrape the pavement on steep driveway ramps. Cops won't like that, especially if they have to mount curbs to get to where they need to go.

The 2002 Intrepid Police Car retails for $28,075 in Canada. As a consumer you can't buy one new, but if you wait a few years, these models may show up in police auctions of old vehicles. That's the only time consumers can get their hands on a rough and ready police-spec vehicle.

Production began in January 2002 at the Brampton, Ont., assembly plant where Chrysler and Dodge police cars for the U.S. market are built.

Posted Sept. 10, 2002

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