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New on 2002 Ford E-Series models are interior enhancements such as more cupholders.

2002 Ford E-Series Cargo Van
Cavernous van ready for work

By Bill Roebuck

Ford's E-Series full-size cargo vans are available in several configurations, including a commercial van model. Its cargo area is a double-well design, which leaves the exterior sheet metal less vulnerable to damage from shifting cargo, which is practical when heavy, unstable loads such as boilers are being carried to or from job sites.

Available in regular- and extended-length models, Ford's cargo van lineup includes a cutaway version with a choice of three wheelbases and a stripped chassis version with four wheelbases. The standard side doors on the van are 60/40 swing-out. A sliding cargo door is a no-cost option.

The standard E-Series has up to 256.5 cu ft of rear cargo space, with up to 309.4 cu ft in extended versions. Two storage systems are available to help contractors best use the space. The EconoCargo System helps protect cargo with durable panels of high-density polyethylene. The liner materials resist acids, gasoline, cleaners and many solvents. This system has material behind the panels to insulate the roof, walls and door panels. As a result, the interior retains heat and cold more efficiently.

An available Racks and Bins System for those who need to secure tools and parts includes fully installed steel shelving, drawers and cabinets, and a full-width safety partition provides work area access from the passenger compartment.

New on 2002 models are interior enhancements such as more cupholders, and a scroll-compressor air conditioning system. Scroll compressors are making their way into automotive use as they are very reliable and long-lasting.

Five engines are available in the cargo van line, from a 4.2-litre V-6 to a 6.8-litre  V-10. Last year, the 5.4-litre engine was named one of Ward's Auto World's "Ten Best Engines" for a fifth year in a row. Also in the engine lineup is a 7.3-litre Power Stroke turbo diesel V-8.

A wide-ratio version of the van's four-speed automatic transmission has wide gear ratios to take advantage of the engine's broad torque range. Properly equipped, the E-150 Van can tow up to 6,800 lb, and the E-350 Super Duty up to 10,000 lb. ABS brakes are standard.

© Copyright Bill Roebuck, 2002.

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