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The Accord Sedan was the winner in the Best New Family Sedan category in the 2003 Car of the Year competition staged by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada.

2003 Honda Accord Sedan Road Test
Accord is best new family sedan

By Bill Roebuck

The Honda Accord Sedan, already a bestseller in Canada, has been significantly revamped for 2003. The appearance changes are subtle, though they give the new Accord a solidly built, clean and classy look. There are no dramatic differences here to upset the sedan's aficionados.

The new Accord boasts more horsepower and torque than before. Power is provided by a quiet and powerful 160-hp, 2.4L four-cylinder engine mated to a very easy-to-shift five-speed manual transmission.

Although not the fastest in this group, the Accord strutted down the track with an under 10-second time in our 0-100 km/h acceleration tests. The power made me look under the hood to see if a V6 was sitting there, as the getaway feels very quick.

Honda also improved the Accord's fuel economy. It's the best in this classification at 9.0/6.4 L per 100 km (city/highway). Braking also is very good, in the mid-range for this group, with ABS brakes as standard equipment.

The seating position was very comfortable. A new design gives good support to the lower back, improving your driving posture. It's also intended to reduce driver fatigue on long trips. The steering wheel tilts and telescopes too. The rear seating was quite comfortable for two, very tight for three.

Handling is quite stable, thanks to a body that is 27% stiffer than before, although understeer is prevalent on cornering. On the road, the Accord is quiet, only generating some engine noise on hard acceleration. There also is wind noise from around the mirrors at highway speeds.

The trunk provides 396 L of cargo capacity, although the decklid hinges fold into the trunk, reducing the usable space. The rear seat folds down to extend capacity, although it doesn't go flat. In addition, the passthrough from the trunk is fairly small.

* Price as tested: $25,000

© Copyright Bill Roebuck, 2002.

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