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2006 Best Sellers

The best-selling cars and light trucks of 2006 in Canada

By Dennis DesRosiers

Here's what models sold best in 2006 in the major car and truck categories in Canada. This research, based on data from DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc., Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada (AIAMC) and the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association (CVMA), documents what the consumer voted for instead of trained analysts and journalists. The consumer gets to vote with his/her pocket book by buying the vehicle they like the best.


The Honda Civic was the single best-selling car of all categories in 2006 (70,028 units sold in Canada).Compact Car: Honda Civic -- 70,028 out of a total of 402,834 in this category.

Intermediate Car: Toyota Camry -- 20,039 out of a total of 232,580 in this category.

Luxury Car: BMW 3-Series -- 10,721 out of a total of 63,238 in this category.

Luxury High Car: Acura TL-Series -- 4,694 out of a total of 23,424 in this category.

Luxury Sport Car: Mazda RX-8 -- 1,029 out of a total of 6,369 in this category.

Subcompact Car: Toyota Yaris -- 34,202 out of a total of 102,657 in this category.

Sports Car: Ford Mustang -- 9,150 out of a total of 32,058 in this category.

The Ford F-Series was the best seller of all light truck categories in 2006, and Canada's overall best selling vehicle (72,128 units sold).
Compact Sport Utility: Ford Escape --25,542 out of a total of 180,783 in this category.

Intermediate Sport Utility: Ford Explorer -- 9,234 out of a total of 71,620 in this category.

Large Sport Utility: Dodge Durango -- 3,836 out of a total of 17,782 in this category.

Luxury Sport Utility: Lexus RX330 -- 4,623 out of a total of 45,985 in this category.

Small Pickup: Ford Ranger --17,198 out of a total of 48,774 in this category.

Large Pickup: Ford F-Series -- 72,128 out of a total of 205,646 in this category.

Small Van: Dodge Caravan -- 61,901 out of a total of 152,005 in this category.

Large Van: Ford Econoline - 10,955 out of a total of 28,946 in this category.

(Totals for vehicles below are included in above segments)

Car-Based Crossover: Ford Escape -- 25,542 out of a total of 167,465 in this category.

Tall Wagon/Sports Tourer: Ford Freestyle -- 5,200 out of a total of 27,921 in this category.

Other Crossovers: Dodge Caliber -- 19,524 out of a total of 45,803 in this category.

(Vehicles with an E-85 option that could be purchased. Not that many consumers picked up the option, but nonetheless, they could have bought these vehicles with E-85.)

Flex Fuel Vehicle: Ford F150 -- 72,128 out of a total of 326,964 in this category.


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