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2009 Best Residual Values

ALG announces its first Canadian Residual Value Awards

Santa Barbara, CA, January 6, 2021 -- ALG has announced its Canadian Residual Value Awards, honouring the vehicles in each segment that are predicted to retain the highest percentage of their original price after a conventional retail lease.

The awards are based on 2009 model year vehicles. ALG also has included awards for the brands that have the highest overall predicted resale values among all mainstream and all luxury vehicles. The awards are derived after carefully studying segment competition, historical vehicle performance and industry trends, and are based on analysis using only Canada-specific data.

Honda Canada Inc. has won the Mainstream Brand Residual Value Award. Honda also received individual segment awards for the Odyssey (Minivan segment); the Fit (Entry Compact Car); and the Ridgeline (Compact/Midsize Pickup).

Infiniti, a luxury division of Nissan Canada Inc., has won the overall Luxury Brand Residual Value Award. Although Infiniti does not have any segment winners, its vehicles’ residual values are consistently strong, reflecting its aggressive pricing and superior quality. Nissan Canada Inc. received four segment Residual Value Awards, for the Maxima (Full Size Car); the GT-R (Luxury Sports Car); the Rogue (Compact Utility Vehicle); and the Murano (Midsize Utility Vehicle).

Three companies received two awards each: Toyota, for the Camry (Midsize Car) and the Sequoia (Large Utility Vehicle); Land Rover, for the LR2 (Near Luxury Utility Vehicle) and the Range Rover Sport (Luxury Utility Vehicle); and Subaru, for the Impreza (Mid-Compact Car) and the Impreza WRX/STI (Sporty Car). BMW, Jaguar, Ford and Volkswagen rounded out the list with one award a piece.

"We are very excited to announce the inaugural Canadian Residual Value Awards," said John Blair, chief executive officer of ALG. "Honda clearly set itself apart by winning the overall Mainstream award and three segment awards. Honda benefits from its disciplined production, consistent high quality and value pricing, and its shift to more fuel-efficient vehicles has also helped the brand. We firmly believe that Residual Value is the best metric for evaluating the overall strength of an automotive brand, and congratulate all of the winners for their successful products and marketing strategies.”

Summary of 2009 Residual Value Award Winners

Brand Award


Mainstream Brand Residual Value Award

Honda Canada Inc.

Luxury Brand Residual Value Award

Infiniti, a luxury division of Nissan Canada Inc.

Segment Award


Entry Compact Car

Honda Fit

Mid-Compact Car

Subaru Impreza

Midsize Car

Toyota Camry

Fullsize Car

Nissan Maxima


Honda Odyssey

Sporty Car

Subaru Impreza WRX/STI

Near Luxury Car

BMW 1 Series

Luxury Sedan

Jaguar XF

Luxury Sports Car

Nissan GT-R

Compact Utility Vehicle

Nissan Rogue

Midsize Utility Vehicle

Nissan Murano

Large Utility Vehicle

Toyota Sequoia

Near Luxury Utility Vehicle

Land Rover LR2

Luxury Utility Vehicle

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Compact/Midsize Pickup

Honda Ridgeline

Fullsize Light Duty Pickup

Ford F150

Hybrid/Alternative Powertrain

Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Mainstream Brand Residual Value Rankings

1. Honda
2. Toyota
3. Nissan
4. Suburu
5. Mazda
6. Volkswagen
7. Mitsubishi
8. Saturn

Only brands above the mainstream average were ranked. Below mainstream average were the following brands (listed in alphabetical order): Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Pontiac, and Suzuki.

Luxury Brand Residual Value Rankings

1. Infiniti
2. Acura
3. Lexus
4. Audi
5. BMW
6. Land Rover
7. Porsche

Only brands above the luxury average were ranked. Below luxury average were the following brands (listed in alphabetical order): Cadillac, Jaguar, Lincoln, Mercedes Benz, Saab, and Volvo.


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