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2010 Kenzie Car Calendar

Calendar helps raise money for charity

Jim Kenzie's 2010 Car Calendar features 14 photographs of exotic cars.The Fifth Anniversary Special Edition of the Kenzie Car Calendar in support of SmartRisk is now available. Each year the Car Calendar helps to raise a substantial donation to SmartRisk, an organization that renowned Canadian automotive journalist Jim Kenzie feels very passionate about.

SmartRisk is a national, charitable organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives. Injury takes the lives of more young Canadians between the ages of one and 44 than any other cause. Yet injuries are not 'accidents', but the result of predictable and preventable events. SmarRisk works to protect the lives of the next generation by helping peole to see the risks in their lives and to learn to take smart risks.

SmartRisk has developed five key messages to help Canadians make smart choices:

Buckle up.
Look first.
Get trained.
Wear the gear.
Be sober.

The 2010 Kenzie Car Calendar again features photographs of some of the world's greatest cars, shot by Jim Kenzie in various exotic locations around the globe. There are 14 images, including the cover and an extra month, as the calendar includes January 2011. The calendar is printed on high-quality stock and includes the main statutory holidays.

The cost is $14.95, plus GST and shipping, for a total of $15.70 CDN. Half the net proceeds are donated to SmartRisk. It's the perfect gift for any car enthusiasts on your Christmas list, or, if applicable, perhaps for your employees at your holiday gathering. They get a cool calendar, you do all your shopping with a few clicks of your mouse, and it supports a great cause.

To order online or get more details, visit, where you can pay online with PayPal, or send a cheque or money order for to Speyside Media Services Inc., c/o Jim Kenzie, RR#3, Milton, ON Canada L9T 2X7. Posted Dec. 11, 2009.


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