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CAA Presents 2006 Pyramid Awards for Environmental Initiatives

Awards presented to General Motors Canada and Volkswagen Canada

Montreal Auto Show – January 19, 2021 -- The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) presented its CAA Pyramid Awards for Environmental Initiatives to two automobile manufacturers  for their dedication to alternative fuel sources: General Motors of Canada and Volkswagen Canada.

“We are witnessing an evolution away from fossil fuels towards other energy alternatives: hybrids, alternative fuels, and in a few years, the possibility of fuel cells,” said David Flewelling, president of CAA. “This year, our panel of judges elected to recognize two automotive manufacturers and their commitment to the future of alternative energy. Recognition through our Pyramid Awards program educates motorists on choices available to them and promotes CAA’s commitment to protecting the environment.”

General Motors of Canada Ltd. was awarded a 2006 CAA Pyramid Award for Environmental Initiatives for the launch of its new Ethanol Powered E-85 Chevrolet Impala. The vehicle uses 85% Canadian-made, cellulose-based ethanol, reducing the vehicle’s emissions by as much as 75% more than hybrids available on the market today.

Ethanol fuel is made from the non-food portion of renewable feedstock and is also a Canadian-developed fuel source, created by Ottawa-based Iogen Corporation.

Volkswagen Canada was awarded a 2006 CAA Pyramid Award for Environmental Initiatives for extending its warranty coverage on all TDI diesel engines to cover the use of B5 Biodiesel fuel. The warranty extension provides motorists with the ability to choose an environmentally friendly alternative fuel without risking the loss of their warranty.

The B5 Biodiesel blend is made with 5% biodiesel fuel, produces less fuel emissions than traditional diesel and improves operating efficiency of the TDI engine.

Any company that sells or manufactures vehicles in Canada is eligible for the Pyramid Awards for either a single initiative or a collection of initiatives that improve traffic safety or demonstrate a commitment to the environment. CAA solicits entries during the last three months of the previous year, at which time a panel of judges, experts in the automotive, traffic safety and environmental sectors, review each submission and select a winner whose initiative has shown a commitment to either traffic safety or the environment.