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CarTest! features hundreds of pages of car reviews and automotive resources to assist you in making a decision about the best vehicle to drive. Our logo photo of Continental Flying Spur foot pedals is  courtesy of Bentley.

Classics and Old Cars


1970 Gremlin brochure. If you're interested in old cars and classic models, we'll admit we don't offer much expertise on the topic here, but we can tell you where to go. Check out The Old Car Manual Project at There, you'll find sources for manuals and brochures for old cars, as expected, plus a plethora of useful links for old-car buffs.

What is "The Old Car Manual Project"?

First and foremost, it is a library: a central place where anyone can come to get the information they need. How this happens is by volunteers scanning their hard-to-find documents into a digital format, so that everyone can have access to the information in them.

Why are they doing this? Because one of the hardest parts of restoring or servicing old machines is getting decent technical information. Often, it's difficult, impossible or expensive to obtain. We think that this kind of information should be freely available, as a public resource for the preservation of our industrial history.

The site is compiled by "some guys who like old iron."

You name it, they seem to have something for it. Plus, it's Canadian! Highly recommended.

Nissan mania

Nissan and Datsun storage facility is a secret automotive treasure trove.If you're a fan of old Nissans and Datsuns, you'll love this photo essay, posted Nov. 7, 2007, from Nissan's Zama vehicle storage facility in Japan. The facility is off limits and restricted, but has many nice cars that are never seen any more outside of this warehouse. Click here to see photos of hundreds of unique and classic Japanese models. Link courtesy of

Bill Roebuck,