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Consumer Reports launches Canadian New Car Price Reports

Consumer Reports' Canadian New Car Price Reports are now available online at This marks the first time Consumer Reports has offered Canada-specific price and incentive information, even though the organization has been providing U.S.-based vehicle information for 10 years with its Canadian Extra print supplements and online links. Pricing is US$29.95 for one report, US$39.95 for two reports and US$49.95 for four reports.

The Consumer Reports Bottom Line Price, included in the Canadian New Car Price Reports, is based on expert analysis of constantly changing, often unpublicized new-car rebates and incentives. Knowing the Bottom Line Price levels the playing field between consumers and dealers, helping car shoppers get the best price on a new vehicle. Moreover, the reports will include reliability information compiled from Consumer Reports' annual survey of U.S. car owners. This year the owners of more than one million cars responded to the survey.

"There was an information void in Canada," said Rob Gentile, director of Consumer Reports' Auto Price Service. "Canadian new- car buyers could only rely on Consumer Reports' U.S. pricing data, which did not correlate well. But now our Canadian New Car Price Reports will give Canadians the most accurate new-car price information based on local information, in addition to unparalleled testing data."

Best Canadian new-car deals right now (to Oct. 2, 2006). See CR website for monthly updates.
Consumer Reports New Car Price Reports regularly monitor and report on car prices in Canada. Certain vehicles are identified as offering particularly attractive savings opportunities at certain times, reflecting supply and demand in the automotive market.

  Best new deals
Make and model
CR Bottom Line Price
Potential savings
  2006 Cadillac STS 4dr Sedan
   Expires October 2nd, 2006
$ 58,050
$ 49,772
$ 8,278
  2006 Lexus GS 300 4dr RWD
   Expires October 2nd, 2006
$ 66,075
$ 55,870
$ 10,205
  2006 Lexus RX 300 4WD
   Expires October 2 nd , 2006
$ 52,275
$ 42,618
$ 9,657
2006 Volvo V70 5dr Wagon 2.4L Auto
   Expires October 2 nd , 2006
$ 42,610
$ 35,003
$ 7,607
  2006 Nissan Pathfinder S 4WD
   Expires October 31st, 2006
$ 39,105
$ 31,574
$ 7,531

In the chart above, we list some of the models in our price analysis that carry both substantial discounts and have been recommended by Consumer Reports based on performance and at least average reliability. The Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is listed, along with the Consumer Reports Bottom Line Price, which provides consumers with a close approximation of the actual dealer cost. The CR Bottom Line Price incorporates the familiar dealer invoice with the behind-the-scenes financial incentives that manufacturers give dealers to increase sales of particular models. Consumer Reports recommends negotiating from the Bottom Line Price.


For those who want to quickly shop for substantially discounted cars that Consumer Reports rates well in terms of reliability and performance, a list of up to 10 'Canadian Best Deals' will be posted at and updated monthly.

About 300,000 (6%) of Consumer Reports' more than 6,000,000 print and online subscribers are located in Canada. "We'd like to see that number grow substantially," said Jerry Steinbrink, vice-president of publishing. "Canadians are the first of what we hope to be many more international consumers to benefit from what Consumer Reports does best: Test, inform and protect."

Consumer Reports developed its Bottom Line Price as a new approach to help car shoppers cut through the confusion of buying a car. The Bottom Line Price takes into consideration what the dealer actually paid for a car, plus all incentives and rebates, to provide consumers with an accurate number at which to start negotiating.

Consumers Union is a member of Consumers International, the London-based voice of the international consumer movement on issues such as product and food standards, health and patients' rights, the environment and sustainable consumption, and the regulation of international trade and public utilities. Learn more at

Posted Sept. 29, 2006