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European tests of winter tires

Pirelli winter tires earn high marks in European tests

Nov. 18, 2009 -- Europe's most popular car magazines recently published the results of their cooperative winter tire comparison testing, underlining the importance of fitting the correct tires for the season-at-hand in terms of safety and performance.

Among tire test winners were the Pirelli's Winter Carving Edge, size 205/55R16 T, voted by Tuulilasi magazine to be, “…easy to drive. Pirelli earns the best position on the test. In acceleration it is #1 and drivability remains uncomplicated and unchanged in all circumstances, which makes drivability easy.”

The Winter Carving Edge is the choice for intense winter use and was developed in the Arctic to handle the harshest conditions. It is available in 13”-20” sizes in 40-80 series aspect ratios.

Pro Mobil magazine chose the 225/75R16 C Winter Chrono tires as its test winner, writing that, “(The Pirelli Winter Chrono) is a top performance on snow, is good on wet (surfaces), is easily manageable and forgiving of mistakes.”

Winter Chrono is the new studable commercial van tire for extreme winter conditions, and was designed to maximize traction and braking on ice without compromising the typically high load capacity of a commercial van. It also achieves excellent performance without the studs in place and is available in Canada in 15”-16” sizes in 65-75 series aspect ratios.

AutoBild and Allrad magazines chose Pirelli's Winter Sottozero in size 235/55R17 H/V as an exemplary tire, adding “(The Sottozero is a)… very balanced winter tire with short braking distance on every surface.” The tread design, compound and casing structure of the Sottozero all boast specific features for use in low temperatures thanks to the technology and experience gained through participation in motorsport. It sets new performance standards for cold-weather tires -- enhancing safety and driving pleasure, reduces road noise and enhances acoustic comfort and rolling resistance qualities.

The Austrian Automobile Club OEAMTC ranked the Snowcontrol Series II size 195/65R15 T amongst its top performers confirming Pirelli's winter tire products are industry leaders in all market segments. The Snowcontrol Series II offers drivers the ability to actively react in the presence of wet asphalt and low external temperatures (under 41° F) and reduces aquaplaning.

All the results are available also on the web at the following link:

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