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How to sell your car quickly
Five tips to help you sell your car for more money

A vehicle history report can help you sell your car.You can sell your car for more money and more quickly if you follow a few basic steps:

• Clean it—Make sure the vehicle is presentable inside and out. You might want to get scratches painted and dents removed.

• Snap it—Take sharp, in focus photos of your shiny, clean car. You'll be better pictures on a cloudy day than in direct sunshine, which produces glare.

• List it—Use the pictures when you list your vehicle for sale, eitehr in print online to get shoppers’ attention.

• Sell it—Don’t just describe the car. Try to relate to the buyer, show why it’s to his or her advantage to buy your vehicle.

• Prove it—Use a Vehicle History Report to help show your vehicle is a good value, based on its history. This can support the price you’re asking.

Posted Sept. 10, 2011. © Words and illustration: NAPSI.



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