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Save On Gas

Where to get the best gas prices links to 170+ gas price web sites across Canada and the U.S. summerizes the lowest gas prices reported for each community in the past 4 days. covers gas prices across Canada.

Convert L/100 km to miles per gallon (mpg) or vice versa
To convert x L/100 km to y MPG, perform:
In Canada and Europe: 282.481 ÷ x L/100 km = y MPG (Imperial gallon)
In the U.S.: 235.2146 ÷ x L/100 km = y MPG (US liquid gallon)
To convert a MPG to b L/100 km, perform:
In Canada and Europe: 282.481 ÷ a MPG (Imperial gallon) = b L/100 km
In the U.S.: 235.2146 ÷ a mpg (US liquid gallon) = b L/100 km

Which vehicles have the best fuel economy?
Fuel economy resources from Transport Canada website. On that site, click on Fuel Consumption Program on left column, then select Fuel Consumption Guide (Energuide) from the list.

Canadian Fuel Consumption Guide from Natural Resources Canada: Ratings charts for fuel consumption

How to use less fuel when driving
Looking for easy ways to save money and reduce vehicle emissions? Your driving habits when and where you drive, how often, the speed you travel, your aggressiveness on the road and other factors have a lot to do with your vehicle's fuel consumption and costs. You can control the costs of operating a vehicle and minimize the emissions it produces by making a commitment to drive less and to drive more efficiently. The following tips from Natural Resources Canada can improve your fuel efficiency by helping you drive the Auto$mart way. Click here.