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Innovative technology makes refuelling easy and benefits the environment

Aug. 9, 2008 -- When the Lincoln MKS debuts in 2008, it will become the second vehicle in Ford Motor Company's product line to use a capless fuel filler. This could signal the end of lost gas caps for a wide range of vehicles.

Ford was first to the market with the technology, installing it on the Ford GT supercar.

Ford's new capless fuel filler innovation will be included on the 2008 Lincoln MKS.The capless fuel system provides a much better seal than a cap, as it isn't opened until the fuel pump nozzle is inserted. When capless fuelling is completed, the nozzle is removed and the system seals shut automatically.

Capless fuel filler technology serves several purposes. It not only eliminates the inconvenience of forgetting to put the gas cap back on after fuelling, but it also saves time during refuelling by doing away with unscrewing and replacing a fuel filler cap.
The system could prove to benefit the environment as well. Inappropriately installed, broken or missing gas caps can allow emissions to escape. These vapours combine for a prime cause of smog.

The new system is simple and seamless to the driver, hiding behind the same fuel door found on today's vehicles. It likely will be integrated into other Ford and Lincoln Mercury vehicles.