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Which car has the highest resale value?

Canadian Black Book has released its top five residual value performers for four-year-old vehicles in Canada.

Using information as of January 2006 (thus 2002 models), Toyotas have the highest four-year resale values in Canada at 55.5% of their MSRP. Next in line is Honda with 53.4%, followed by Lexus with 49.4%, Acura with 47.6%; rounding out the top five is Mercedes with 46.1%.

In the truck segment, the highest four-year resale values in Canada are BMW at 57.3% MSRP, Honda at 53.3%, Toyota with 52.7%, Acura with 50.5%. In the fifth spot is Lexus at 47% of MSRP.

“Strong retained values reduce monthly payments for the consumer when they repurchase a new vehicle and generally indicate high customer confidence in the manufacturer's product” says Larry Shred, vice-president, information services for Canadian Black Book.

The residual value analysis was done by DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc, using Canadian Black Book resale value information.

“Our analysis also indicates that new vehicle MSRP pricing strategies, OEM's participation in the fleet market and use of consumer incentives can impact residual values” says Dennis DesRosiers, president, DesRosiers Automotive Consultants.

The Vehicles Consumers Buy table published by Canadian Black Book and reproduced here shows that in 2005, almost half the consumers in Canada (47.9%) purchased small entry-level vehicles. This is very much the hallmark of the Canadian market. This kind of information helps forecasters determine the resale value of a car.

Vehicles Consumers Buy (Canada)
Entry level
489,755 (38.9%)
624,470 (47.9%)
Mid-size / Family
467,467 (37.2%)
357,803 (27.5%)
Large / Luxury/Sport
137,458 (10.9%)
160,936 (12.4%)
Primarily commercial
163,321 (13.0%)
159,677 (12.3%)
1,258,001 (100%)
1,302,886 (100%)
Source: Canadian Black Book


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