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New premium fuel benefits from Formula One racing expertise

July 2006 -- At the Formula One Grand Prix in Montreal recently, Shell Canada Products, together with seven-time FIA Formula One World Champion, Michael Schumacher, and Scuderia Ferrari, launched a new and improved Shell V-Power premium-grade gasoline.

The new premium gasoline offers faster cleaning power to help give cars improved performance. Tests have shown that, on average, Shell V-Power gasoline is able to remove more than half of existing deposits on intake valves in as little as two fill-ups - a substantial increase compared to the original Shell V-Power gasoline sold in Canada.

Shell Canada was the official fuel supplier for AJAC's TestFest in 2005 at Shannonville, Ont.“Shell International has truly been a valuable partner with Ferrari and our race team for years,” said Schumacher, the most successful Formula One driver of all time. “Shell V-Power Formula One fuel has been important to my past success ….”

“Shell V-Power gasoline helps keep your engine in better condition so your car performs at its best. The unique formulation is the result of Shell International's technical expertise and experience in developing fuels for Scuderia Ferrari,” said Eymbert Vaandering, vice-president, retail, Shell Canada Products. “Canadians can now benefit from Shell International and Ferrari's technology and expertise to help keep their vehicle engines in peak condition.”

The new V-Power gasoline is available today at all participating Shell-branded gasoline stations throughout Canada.

The fuel has been lab tested using engine test beds and in vehicles on chassis dynamometers (rolling roads), as well as in actual on-road conditions in Canada.

Shell International has been powering and protecting Ferrari's road cars and its racing operations since Ferrari's first Formula One appearance in 1950. Shell V-Power gasoline's unique formulation is the result of applying Shell International's global technical expertise and experience in developing fuels for Ferrari.

Shell International's engineers and technicians work side by side with Ferrari staff to ensure the race team has the very best portfolio of fuel and lubricant products available for every competitive situation. More than 40 Shell International people worldwide are involved in the Formula One program to support Ferrari.

A special Shell International technical facility, the Shell Track Lab, is an integral part of the Ferrari paddock support complex at every Formula One race. Inside the lab, Shell International has state-of-the-art technical equipment to ensure the quality and consistency of the fuels and lubricants used by the team and Shell's global experts contribute to Ferrari's race strategy.

Shell Canada Products manufactures, distributes and markets refined petroleum products across Canada. Shell's three refineries convert crude oil into low sulphur gasoline and diesel fuel, aviation fuels, solvents, lubricants, asphalt and heavy fuel oils. More information can be found at