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Pickup truck storage systems

How to keep your gear safe and your truck looking like new

Storage boxes give pickup cargo beds security.Whether you're hauling for work or for play, it's important to protect all the gear that goes into your truck bed. Truck owners frequently use their vehicles to haul all kinds of cargo that could potentially be damaged or stolen.

"People invest a lot of time and money into the equipment they use," says Peter May, from Lund International. "Keeping it securely in your vehicle ensures it will work to its full potential and eliminates worry."

One inexpensive, yet effective way to protect your gear is with a tonneau cover. Assuming you have installed a bed liner for basic protection, adding a tonneau cover will help protect the gear that goes into the bed, protecting it from debris and moisture. Whether hinged, roll-up, tri-fold or with snap closures, it protects your gear from extreme elements, not to mention keeping everything safe from theft. Out of sight is out of mind. If something isn't visible, it's much less likely to be stolen.

When you're hauling furniture or hunting, fishing or camping equipment, cover the side rails and tailgate to help keep them safe from the wear and tear of loading and unloading. Side rail caps, tailgate caps and tailgate protectors in polished diamond-plate aluminum protect the bed's finish and enhance a vehicle's appearance.

If you are frequently loading ATVs, lawnmowers or other motorized equipment, a folding aluminum ramp is the way to go. With an extruded hole surface for a solid grip and raised edges to help keep tires safely on the ramp, it's the safest, easiest way to load the vehicle. Ramps also eliminate the need for a trailer.

The ramp's heavy-duty design has a 1,000-pound distributed load capacity per ramp and yet, weighs only 17 pounds. The rubberized tailgate protector guards the tailgate finish, and easy fold-and-go design with carrying handle allows for convenient storage.
Taking your ATV along for camping or mending fences typically means you need to carry other equipment with you. ATV boxes mounted to your vehicle help to keep it all in place, free from the damaging elements and locked up safe. Binoculars, a GPS unit, a two-way radio, tools and anything else that needs to stay clean and dry fits easily in the box.

The ATV boxes have aluminum diamond-plate construction with a black powder-coat finish that resists cracking and fading, and minimizes reflection from the sun. Sturdy latches and locks keep gear safe, and drain and ventilation holes for air circulation make cleaning a breeze.

With plenty of secure storage for work and play, you can put your mind at ease wherever you are and no matter what you're doing. Your truck and your stuff will last longer and still look great.

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Posted 1/21/08. Article courtesy of ARAcontent.

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