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Residual Values & Depreciation Ratings

Best Residual Values for 2009 models in Canada

Based in Santa Barbara, Calif., ALG ( is a provider of data and consulting services to the
automotive industry. ALG publishes the “Automotive Lease Guide” – the standard for Residual Value
projections in North America, and has been forecasting automotive residual values for over 37 years in both the
U.S. and Canadian markets. ALG is a company of DealerTrack Holdings, Inc.

Depreciation Ratings for 2008 Cars and Trucks

The ALG Depreciation Ratings are based on 2008 model year vehicles. The 1-star through 5-star ALG ratings provide consumers with an accurate and convenient method to determine the amount of depreciation a vehicle will experience over the lifetime of ownership. Click here to review the chart.

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