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Sneaky cops

Traffic police in Halton use a trick to go undercover

This isn't a cab, it's a cop!Check out this photograph closely. It looks like a taxi, but look again. This is a real cop out in the Halton region in Ontario. The OPP there also uses Toyota Camrys and minivans, as well as the taxicab standard, the Ford Crown Victoria, so watch out.

The number on the taxi sign on the top of the police car is apparently the non-emergency number for the police station.

Now we at CarTest are all for catching drunks and speeders, but we think this is going a bit too far. Cops pretending they are cabbies? Come on, boys. When drivers see a real police car, they're reminded to obey the law. When they get pulled over by a 'taxi' and get a ticket, they'll feel entrapped and annoyed, at the least.

We've been told this is one of the most successful 'hide and catch' programs Halton police have ever used.

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