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Spyker supercars come to Canada

Calgary dealership gets exclusive deal for Dutch cars

By Doug Neilson

2009 Spyker C8.Spyker Cars, the exclusive Dutch supercar builder, announced on March 5, 2009, that Alberta's Dilawri Group of Companies will be its first exclusive factory authorized Spyker dealers in Canada.

Through the vision and efforts of Calgary businessman, Tony Dilawri, the new dealership is to open in Calgary in the spring under the name Spyker Calgary.

Established in 1991, the Dilawri Group of Companies operates 28 retail automotive dealerships in Toronto, Regina, Calgary and Vancouver. Spyker Calgary will share a newly renovated location with the Dilawri Group's Bentley Calgary and Aston Martin Calgary dealerships in the Calgary Automall. This modern automotive dealership will be called the “Distinctive Collection by Dilawri.”

About Spyker

For those who don't already know about the Dutch manufacturer, Spyker Cars and its lineage, here is a brief history. In 1875, two brothers, Jacobus and Hendrik-Jan Spijker, began manufacturing coaches in Amsterdam. The company built their first automobile in 1898, beginning a reputation of technological innovation, engineering perfection, exclusivity, superb quality and endurance racing success. At this time, the Spijker brothers decided to fully dedicate their company to automobile manufacturing, and the company's name was changed to 'Spyker' for easier recognition in foreign markets.

2009 Spyker C8.Before World War I, Spyker was forced to diversify its production, and so it merged with the Dutch Aircraft Factory N.V. The company then started developing and building aircraft. During the war, Spyker built approximately 100 fighter planes and 200 aircraft engines. In 1915, the company introduced a new logo, featuring a spoke wheel with a horizontal propeller across it, representing the heritage of the two original companies.

After the war, Spyker resumed its automobile production, racing success again followed, and it became noted for integrating a unique aircraft influence into its styling.

In 1925, the 50-year-old Spyker company closed its doors, but its name was not forgotten. The heritage and brand name have been passed on to the new Spyker Cars company, which was launched in 2000 as a new Dutch manufacturer of exclusive premium sports cars.

The company's current models are hand-crafted to custom specifications in the same tradition as the earlier Spykers using five brand values - heritage, design, craftsmanship, performance and exclusivity. The new company is also very active and successful in European endurance racing, in keeping with its proud heritage.

2009 Spyker C8.The modern road-going, two-seat, mid-engine C8 models will be available in Canada thru Spyker Calgary. The C8 models, the Laviolette (a coupe) and the Spyder (a convertible), have a striking avant-garde design that incorporates an amazing mix of form and function, aeronautical heritage, high-quality engineering, and ornate detail, both inside and out.

Each C8 has a state-of-the-art aluminum space-frame chassis that is designed to be lightweight and rigid. Also, their aerodynamic aluminum body panels are handmade and supplied by both Coventry Prototype Panels in the U.K. and Karmann in Germany.

The C8s are powered by an extremely aggressive sounding Audi 4.2L V8 engine tuned to 400 bhp and paired with a manual six-speed transmission driving the rear wheels. Performance figures quoted by the manufacturer are a top speed of 187 mph and an acceleration from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Pricing for the made-to-order C8 supercar starts at approximately C$275,000.

Spyker Supercars are available at Distinctive Collection by Dilawri: Spyker Calgary, Bentley Calgary, Aston Martin Calgary. Posted April 12, 2009. Doug Neilson is a writer based in Calgary, AB.

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