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Photo courtesy Yokohama Tire Canada.

When's the best time to install winter tires?  Ideally, don't wait for snow. Do it when the temperature starts to drop to 7 degrees C or below.

Winter tire tips
Put snow tires on the rear, even on front-wheel drive cars, and other interesting facts about winter.

Tread safely this winter with tips and advice from the Uniroyal Tire Doctor's winter preparedness checklist.

New technology and advanced rubber compounds have helped engineers create winter tires that offer traction and handling safety in snow, ice and slushy, wet winter conditions.

Key advances

New rubber compounds remain flexible in cold temperatures

Improved safety margin and stopping power of 7%-10% when compared to all season tires

Look for RAC (Rubber Association of Canada) Mountain snowflake symbol on tires, which ensures excellent traction in severe snow conditions.

When to install winter tires?

Uniroyal research shows most Canadians wait until the first major snowfall to install winter tires. To ensure you 're prepared for any condition, the Uniroyal Tire Doctor recommends drivers make the change to winter tires in Fall: October for the Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, Northern Ontario, Alberta and the Prairies; Late October/early November for Southern Ontario and British Columbia. A good rule of thumb is to put winter tires on when the temperature drops to 7 degrees C.

Four tires or two?

Uniroyal engineers strongly recommend installing four winter tires -- and avoid mixing tires with different tread patterns and wear.

If only two snow tires are installed, make sure to put them on the rear position for the best lateral control. This holds true for front-wheel drive sedans and four-wheel drive SUVs.

Air pressure

Proper inflation is a critical part of tire care and should be checked monthly: For every five degree temperature drop, the tires lose one pound of air pressure -- so it's especially important to check your air pressure after the first frost. Properly inflated tires also ensure optimum fuel efficiency.


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