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Road Trips

CarTest's road trips

Over the years, my wife and I have packed essential clothing and picnic supplies and headed off -- in a variety of vehicles-- with (and without) our children, for various Canadian destinations, some of them fairly remote. Our kids have had the opportunity to play with 'bergie bits' broken off from passing icebergs on the shores of Newfoundland, have kayaked on the chilly waters off Tofino on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island. BC, and have dipped their toes in Lake Erie at Point Pelee, ON. We've driven to the at the most southerly point in Canada you can reach on four wheels, as well as the most easterly and most westerly destinations. We've driven by car and minivan all the way from Toronto to both the east and west coasts, with many stops along the way. We've toured off-the-beaten track places, including the Iles de la Madeleine, QC, and Grand Manan, NB. But more than any other destination, we've travelled to Canada's east coast more than a dozen times. Here you can read about a few of our trips and learn some tips for making your own holiday road trips more enjoyable.
Bill Roebuck, Editor, ©

Photo: Subaru Canada.
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