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Auto journalist Jim Kenzie features photos of cars from trips around the world in his 2006 calendar.

2006 car calendar supports risk prevention charity

Dec. 3, 2006 -- The Kenzie Car Calendar in support of SMARTRISK (Sauve Qui Pense) is now available from Half the proceeds from calendar sales will go directly to the charitable organization.

SMARTRISK programs aim to reduce accidents (this is NOT one of the photos in the 2006 Kenzie Car Calendar).Trauma is the number one cause of death to people up to age 44 - and most of these are from car crashes. Dr. Robert Conn knows that people - especially young people - are going to take risks, on the road and elsewhere. SMARTRISK, the organization he founded, runs a variety of programs encouraging all of us to take those risks in as intelligent  a way as possible. More details on the organization can be found at

Kenzie has photographed a variety of luxury and sporty cars against a backdrop of mountains, oceans and other scenic vistas for the calendar. In addition to writing and broadcasting widely on the subject of automobiles, Kenzie has long had an interest in amateur photography and has been snapping photos of cars over the years. This is his first calendar.

"The calendar features photographs of various neat cars which I've taken around the world. If I do say so myself, they turned out pretty well!," he says.

"On the calendar I have indicated statutory holidays (don't YOU think Groundhog Day should be a statutory holiday?) as well as dates that may be of interest to car enthusiasts - Formula One, Champ Car and NASCAR race dates (correct at time of printing...) as well as major Canadian and International Auto Shows."

Visit for details on how to order the calendar ($14.95 plus $1.05 GST for a total of $16 Cdn, including shipping) and support a great cause. Payment can be made by PayPal or major credit card. The images below are shown in the calendar. Kenzie will personally sign the first 500 calendars sold.

Auto journalist Jim Kenzie features photos of cars from trips around the world in his 2006 calendar.

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