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CarTest! features hundreds of pages of car reviews and automotive resources to assist you in making a decision about the best vehicle to drive. Our logo photo of Continental Flying Spur foot pedals is  courtesy of Bentley.

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The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) website is designed for both the general public and AJAC members. Public features include information about the association, Canadian Car of the Year winners, Art of the Automobile competition, and how to consult an AJAC member, as well as access to the full performance specs from the annual AJAC TestFest of new vehicles available in Canada.

CarTest 4.5 and CarTest 2000, to which is not related in any manner other than a similar name, are automobile maximum acceleration computer simulation software programs. The user enters the specifications for an automobile and the program mathematically accelerates a virtual car from a standing or rolling start until maximum speed is reached. DOS-based CarTest 4.5 is shareware available for US$20; CarTest 2000, an MS Windows-based program, can be purchased for US$34.95, or a demo can be downloaded from the website.

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