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Summer car tips, overheating, inside temperature, hot car

A sunshade can help reduce the heat buildup inside a vehicle.

Summer Tips
Tips to avoid making your car a virtual oven

When the temperature rises outside, the combination of extreme heat, direct sunlight and closed windows can turn a parked car into a virtual oven with dashboard temperatures reaching up to about 89°C.

Recent tests, conducted for Auto Expressions (, found that on a 31°C day, air trapped inside your vehicle can heat up within minutes. In a parked car without a sunshade, the dashboard can be heated up to 89°C -- high enough to cook a chicken -- and the steering wheel tops out at 88°C.

In the same extreme conditions, a car using an accordion style sunshade in the windshield was able to keep the cars interior an average of 23.8°C cooler. Sunshades reflect sunrays by blocking the sunlight coming through the windshield, helping to reduce the heat and block 99% of damaging UV rays.

Additionally, the use of a sunshade helps protect a car's interior, preventing possible fading, cracking or discolouration.

Note: Use common sense and never leave children, the elderly or pets inside your vehicle in the summer heat.


Park in the shade whenever possible.

Use a sunshade to help reduce the heat buildup.

Use a fabric-based steering wheel cover to help protect your hands.

Open doors and let the air circulate in the car for a few minutes before getting into the car.

Set your air conditioner to 'regular' or 'fresh air' before switching to 'maximum.'


Use a sunshade to help reduce heat and sun-damage in your vehicle.

Protect steering wheels, dashboard and seats with covers.

Wash your vehicle regularly and use a wax with a UV absorber.

Maintain vinyl and leather interiors with a UV absorbent cleaner/protectant.

Have your cabin air filter and air-conditioning systems serviced annually.

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