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2007 car calendar features photos from around the world

2007 Kenzie Car Calendar supports the SmartRisk program.The Second Annual Kenzie Car Calendar in support of SmartRisk is now available. The first Car Calendar was a big success, helping to raise a substantial donation to SmartRisk (Sauve Qui Pense), an organization that renowned Canadian automotive journalist Jim Kenzie feels very passionate about.

"You've got to admire a young paediatric cardiac surgeon who gets tired of harvesting hearts out of dead young people for transplant purposes, and decides to chuck it all and start a non-profit organization to help keep those people from killing themselves in the first place.

"Trauma is the number one cause of death to people up to age 44 -- and most of these are from car crashes. Dr. Robert Conn knows that people -- especially young people -- are going to take risks, on the road and elsewhere; SmartRisk, the organization he founded, runs a variety of programs encouraging all of us to take those risks in as intelligent a way as possible."

The 2007 Kenzie Car Calendar once again features 13 photographs of some of the world's greatest cars, shot by Jim Kenzie in various exotic locations around the globe, including South Africa, Mount Fuji, Japan, Hawaii, and even Oakville, Ont. There are 13 images because the calendar goes to January 2008. The calendar is printed on high-quality stock and includes the main statutory holidays.

The cost is Cdn $16.00, including GST and shipping, and half the net proceeds go directly to SmartRisk. It's the perfect gift for any car enthusiasts on your Christmas list, or, if applicable, perhaps for your employees at your holiday gathering. They get a cool calendar, you do all your shopping with a few clicks of your mouse, and it supports a great cause.

To order online or get more details, visit, or send a cheque or money order for $16 to Speyside Media Services Inc., c/o Jim Kenzie, RR#3, Milton, ON Canada L9T 2X7.


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