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How to stop a vehicle with a stuck gas pedal

If a vehicle accelerator pedal becomes stuck and a driver can't dislodge it, Toyota advises drivers to press on the brake with both feet and then shift the vehicle into neutral, which will disengage the transmission. The automaker says drivers should continue braking until the vehicle comes to a stop.

A driver can also try shutting off the engine or turning the key to the 'ACC' position on the ignition. Drivers will not lose control of the steering or the brakes, says Toyota. But once the vehicle is turned off the driver won't have the benefit of power brakes or power steering.

For vehicles that have a start/stop button for the engine, drivers are advised to hold the button for three seconds to turn it off.

If you think of it during the panic of trying to control your vehicle, also flip on your emergency flashers to alert other drivers you have a problem.

Posted Dec. 12, 2009.

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